Looking for a prestige experience with all the current and consistent looks for every single hair cut and colour? Then you’ve found your ultimate salon established in 2006 renown for our creativity and passion for the latest look with trendy outfits, classic or modern day look in a suit, we want to create the look you imagine.

Straight up, Barber Jan is the best barber I’ve been to. Over the last 7 or so years, since my original barber left the country, I’ve been looking around for someone to cut my hair. As a result, Ive jumped around from shop to shop, never really being 100% with anyone….until now…
I’ve been having my hair cut with Jan for awhile now and since day 1, this barber has been AMAZING. I love it there. There’s a true community feel that I don’t think I’ve ever felt. All the barbers there feel like a part of the family and when I visit, the service is always A++
What’s even better, when I come home after Jan working his magic, the wife always comments, “hey! Your hair looks really good today!”
The hair cuts are great. The people are great. The coffee is great. Everything is great. If I could give 6 stars, I would.

David Savula

Went to this hair dresser for the first time and did not disappoint!
Barbers are friendly, professional and passionate about their work
Good vibes and definitely not like your typical boring barber shop
If you’re looking to freshen up your look or need a new hairdresser look no further.
Will definitely be coming back again

Esho Bremo

BarberJan makes the world look better. Best cutters I’ve experienced. The shape of the cut remains two weeks after.

Geoff Allan

i loved going to this place, they guys were really friendly and fun, like stepping into a holiday! Great music, coffee and most importantly very high attention to detail with my cut. Jan took his time and I didn’t even have to explain my problem spots, he just knew-the force is strong with this one. I’ve come out with a cut I love that suits the shape of my face and my personality. The guys made me feel respected and special, for me it was the perfect service. Will def be back! But gotta book, people pile out of this place...

Cara Dinley

Great energy and vibes!
Would highly recommend the team, as they all know their way around a set of clippers. You are sure to walk out with a fresh fade and a heap of positive energy.

Daylan kempster

Amazing vibes in this joint. Could not recommend highly enough
Jan has done something special here!
Be sure to come by if you want a haircut that will have people looking not twice, but three times as you strut your swag.


Took my two and a half year old son to get his third haircut. With previous barbers, he has squirmed and been less than thrilled to get his haircut. Jan made my son feel very comfortable and interacted with him the whole way through to set his mind at ease. To top it off, he was efficient and the haircut was fantastic. Thank-you once again!

Gianni Curcio

Jan and his crew are buzzing with energy. The shop is welcoming and well designed. Jan is one of the most kind-hearted people I have met, and will be making every effort to support him and his barber shop for the foreseeable future. Thank you barber Jan ❤️


Great Barber shop, have been many times and doesn’t matter who you get they all take care and pride in the work they do. Friendly faces great hair cut and will also offer you a coffee (a proper one) a great find



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