Meet our founder, Jan.

I started my career in turkey when i was 12 years old, where i was born and raised.

I began as a hairdresser and worked in multiple salons learning my craft before realising i loved barbering and the way it brought so many different people in one space, so i decided to continue growing my skills and learn old traditional techniques whilst also keeping up with the latest trends.

This led me to moving to Australia alone 9 years ago when i was 18 years old. I started to understand the barbering industry here after working in a few places and learning the english language, i started to feel more confident.
Soon after i knew that i wanted to open up a place that would bring my own culture and barbering skills to melbourne.

I knew that one day i would do it, since i was 16 i had the vision and it was finally feeling possible.
I opened up my first salon "Barberjan" in Brunswick, 2018. In 2019 i was named Australian Barber of the year Finalist & have been listed as one of the top 10 Salons in Melbourne by Herald sun.
I am commited to continue growing personally and proffesionaly in my craft to always be the best person and barber i can be for myself, the clients that sit in my chair and the ones that learn from me too. I would love to have you sit in my chair and continue to share about our own unique stories, Thank you for being here.